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FREQUENCY: 123.78383
DESCRIPTION: Steven will be fairly quick to answer, on average, but it's also entirely possible that he'll forget his radio or get distracted from answering.

LOCATION: Mailbox on Door
DESCRIPTION: It's wooden and a little crooked but Steven is gradually covering it in sequins and jewels.
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[Left hanging from the mailbox is... is that a fish? It's a fish bag. Well. That's one way to welcome someone into the Carnival.]

[Nestled in the depths is a playing card: the joker]

[He'll notice his dad has gotten one too.]
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[Checking in the mailbox will reveal a very small package, wrapped up carefully. Opening it reveals a charm, and under it a letter written in what is actually pretty tidy writing.]

Use this in case of emergencies. All you have to do is touch it and think of me really hard. It'll take you straight to the inside of my trailer, hopefully away from anything that's causing us trouble. It only works on the grounds of the carnival, so get very good at running back here and always keep in mind how to get back.

- Joker

[Look, he signed his name and everything, no playing card- HA HA NAH there is absolutely a joker playing card beneath the note. What the fuck, Joker]
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[Joker had actually come back to his trailer- to get more enchanted charms to deliver? To restock on what is apparently a never ending supply of playing cards? Maybe actually use his bed for a proper 8 hours sleep?- when Steven suddenly shows. For a second, he jolts, staring in surprise of his own at the kid.]

[-before he just bursts out laughing, having to latch onto a kitchen counter so that he at least has something to pretend he can stay upright as he doubles over cackling.]
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[Fuck, nope, still laughing. Joker slides down to the ground, wings twitching to adjust for the change. It takes him a second to manage words outside the guffawing.]

It's fine! It's all fine, ha! Made it too easy, I guess!

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HELLA BACK-DATED pre-tourist trap [Audio]

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Steven? Where are you, I need to talk to you, immediately.

[This isn't typical Peridot being typically demanding as per her usual; she sounds urgent, and scared.]
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I'm fine! [She snaps, and she doesn't sound fine. There's a sigh from her end, like she's trying to calm herself.] I just-- I need to talk to you, alright? What is your location?

[Maybe this would be better to talk about face-to-face rather than by radio.]
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Affirmative. Stand by.

[She makes it to his trailer almost comically fast. The sound of her approaching footsteps is like a tiny drum roll, and then there's an urgent knocking at the door.]

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mailbox, right at the start of summerlands

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[ look, gotta tell the kid who everybody was playing hot potato with that uh, we miiight still have to worry about the fae a little maybe. Strange's handwriting is legible, though there's a slight coffee stain on one of the letter's corners that Strange straight up didn't see before putting the letter in an envelope and dropping it in the mailbox ]

Dear Steven,

I cannot overstate how terribly sorry I am for my actions in Portland. Attempting to kidnap someone once is horrid, but twice is almost beyond the pale. My actions were rash and thoughtless and I shudder at the thought that I was even capable of such cruelty. Though I was not in my right mind during the attempt in the Count's castle, it still happened, so I must still apologize. If there is anything I can do to help make this up to you, then simply say so.

I wish we could put all this business with the fae behind us but unfortunately, that is not the case. During my unintentional stay with the Summer Court, I learned some information about the Portland fae that I feel you must know. I plan on telling the carnival as a whole, of course, but as one who suffered tremendously due to the fae's actions, you might appreciate hearing this information directly.

Though I confess, I don't know what would be the best way to relay this. In person? Over paper? This matter is entirely your decision and I await your reply. Likewise, I hope this letter finds you in good health.

Sincerely yours, Jonathan Strange

[ and hastily scribbled on the back of the envelope itself ]

I like your mailbox. Did you know half of the people I was trying to contact have taken theirs down in the first place? How silly of them!

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also the same day

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[ Well hot dang, this is really cute. Strange returns a letter later in the evening, on his way to supper. ]

Dear Steven,

What a coincidence! I'd like us to be friends as well. And you needn't worry, I'm certainly trying my hardest to make up for my other self's mistakes.

How does meeting at the cook house around lunchtime either tomorrow or the day after sound? I shall be there both days so there's no need to worry if you don't read this letter until tomorrow.

Sincerely yours,
Jonathan Strange
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Obviously Strange looks like the normal human that he looked like in Portland but, at the same time, there's obvious differences both in changes (mirrored eyes, a patch of scales on his neck and hands, and new mirror-coated scratch marks around his wrists) but also in his attire (despite the fact that he's been in the carnival for a few months, Strange still defaults to something vaguely 1810s.) He's at least gotten some sleep, though his limbs are still scratched up and his chest still worryingly sore.

Still, that's why people wore long-sleeves. Strange is peeling the shell off a hard-boiled egg when Steven sits down--said egg soon gets sat down on a nearby plate. He gives Steven a smile of his own as the boy approaches, one where Strange is just trying his hardest to seem gentle and kind.

"I am." And then he pauses for a moment because is this Steven just beating around the bush or Steven having forgotten entirely? "And what I wanted to talk about is the fae. Again, if you don't want to talk about this now, we can talk about it another time."

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kind of mailbox

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Young Master Universe,

There is something of great import I must discuss with you. Please meet me at the East Market by the golden butterflies statue at [ some time, yes, i know, amazing ].

[ Signed simply with the name 'John Childermass' at the end and left, folded over once, in his mailbox.

And, as stated before in the note, he will indeed be waiting there by a statue on the end of the East Market that more or less seems to be made of living, golden butterflies, fluttering endlessly from one form to another, sometimes a giant bird, sometimes a lion, sometimes a tree, and so on. He stands out starkly against all the color of the summer city street in his black and white, leaning idly against the base of the statue (if something like that could really be called a statue) and while away the time by puffing on his pipe.
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[ Well, he's not entirely wrong. Childermass, as always, does have some potentially bad news, but for once he can follow something up with good news. It's a rare moment all around. He looks up when Steven approaches, pulling his pipe away as he does. ]

Steven. [ He'll acknowledge him with a nod and take a moment to turn over his pipe, tap out the smoldering remains. He doesn't plan to keep on smoking now that there's talking to be done. ] Thank you for meeting me out here. There's someone I would like you to meet.
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One of the summer fae who lives here.

[ That's right, more faeries because any of them really want to deal with more faeries. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a lot of options to pick from in the Summerlands. ]

I've been looking for a way to hide you and Mr. Strange from the Summer Court and she's offered to help us with that, in a way.

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