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FREQUENCY: 123.78383
DESCRIPTION: Steven will be fairly quick to answer, on average, but it's also entirely possible that he'll forget his radio or get distracted from answering.

LOCATION: Mailbox on Door
DESCRIPTION: Shared with Greg! It's wooden and a little crooked but Steven is gradually covering it in sequins and jewels.
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[Left hanging from the mailbox is... is that a fish? It's a fish bag. Well. That's one way to welcome someone into the Carnival.]

[Nestled in the depths is a playing card: the joker]

[He'll notice his dad has gotten one too.]
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[Checking in the mailbox will reveal a very small package, wrapped up carefully. Opening it reveals a charm, and under it a letter written in what is actually pretty tidy writing.]

Use this in case of emergencies. All you have to do is touch it and think of me really hard. It'll take you straight to the inside of my trailer, hopefully away from anything that's causing us trouble. It only works on the grounds of the carnival, so get very good at running back here and always keep in mind how to get back.

- Joker

[Look, he signed his name and everything, no playing card- HA HA NAH there is absolutely a joker playing card beneath the note. What the fuck, Joker]
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[Joker had actually come back to his trailer- to get more enchanted charms to deliver? To restock on what is apparently a never ending supply of playing cards? Maybe actually use his bed for a proper 8 hours sleep?- when Steven suddenly shows. For a second, he jolts, staring in surprise of his own at the kid.]

[-before he just bursts out laughing, having to latch onto a kitchen counter so that he at least has something to pretend he can stay upright as he doubles over cackling.]
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[Fuck, nope, still laughing. Joker slides down to the ground, wings twitching to adjust for the change. It takes him a second to manage words outside the guffawing.]

It's fine! It's all fine, ha! Made it too easy, I guess!
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[Finally calming down, Joker leans against the counter and gives a grin to the boy.]

Heh, maybe. But now ya know it works, right?
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Didn’t give ya too much trouble, did it? Still a bit dizzyin’ ta me, honestly…
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HELLA BACK-DATED pre-tourist trap [Audio]

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Steven? Where are you, I need to talk to you, immediately.

[This isn't typical Peridot being typically demanding as per her usual; she sounds urgent, and scared.]
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I'm fine! [She snaps, and she doesn't sound fine. There's a sigh from her end, like she's trying to calm herself.] I just-- I need to talk to you, alright? What is your location?

[Maybe this would be better to talk about face-to-face rather than by radio.]
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Affirmative. Stand by.

[She makes it to his trailer almost comically fast. The sound of her approaching footsteps is like a tiny drum roll, and then there's an urgent knocking at the door.]
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[The green gem pauses to look over her shoulder in both directions with her ears pricked up, making sure no one else is lurking around before she turns and hustles inside, and closes and locks the door.

When she turns around again, her expression is stormy.]

You know, the carnival used to be a NICE place, before SHE showed up.
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[Her eyes widen, and she bristles. She points at him aggressively:]

Don't even JOKE about such a possibility! Graaaah...

[Peridot stalks away from the door and sits down at the kitchen table without waiting for an invitation. She fidgets, tapping her claws on the surface repeatedly, like she's filling the silence while she tries to figure out where to start.]

Steven, I had... An extremely unpleasant conversation with her just now.
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[She shakes her head.]

Negative. But she did impart some... troubling information to me.

[Peridot levels Steven with a serious look, mouth scrunched up in that trademark tight frown. She looks worried.]

Steven! I need to ask you something. You... You haven't been lying to me, right?! About your identity?!

[Directly asking that probably isn't the best way to go about this if it turns out he IS lying, she realizes, but she's pretty sure that he isn't, and Blue implying that he COULD be is messing with her pretty badly.]
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[Peridot folds her arms, and snorts softly. Already, that's more than enough evidence for her. Blue's assertion had rung hollow to begin with, but just hearing Steven deny it clinches it, at least in Peridot's mind. Maybe it's foolish to take him at his word, maybe it isn't... The important thing for right now is that she trusts him a thousand times more than she trusts any stupid Diamond.]

I knew it. I knew you couldn't be lying to me. Stupid clodding Diamonds-- [She's spitting her words, ears angled downwards. Explanations? She's getting there.]

Lapis told me about what happened with the three of you... and then she came to visit me at my trailer, I guess as part of this whole "oh, I'm just trying to be professional" act, introducing herself to all the supervisors...[Peridot's lip is curling with disgust.] Anyway, I made the mistake of trying to talk to her. I figured if she was so dedicated to acting the part for the carnival, maybe she'd respect my authority enough to hear me out if I tried to vouch for you. But, big surprise, that sure didn't work! She's just as bad as Yellow Diamond! She was all, "don't forget Peridot, we are our gems, Rose Quartz has every reason to lie to you and every older gem is capable of shape-shifting, unlike you newer era-twos," and I told her that was stupid-- UUuuuuuuughhHRRHRHHGHHHHHH.

[That tirade ends with her face in her claws while she just lets out the most prolonged, agitated groan that she's probably done since the last time she tried to talk to a Diamond.]
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[Peridot cautiously lifts her face from her hands.]

I mean... when I first met you, all I saw was a particularly obnoxious alien life-form who was for some reason determined to destroy every last piece of my equipment, but. Yeah. Sure.

[Just being honest here.]
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Wait-- What? They were weaponless repair drones, how in the stars did they almost kill you?

[They're getting super off-topic but, Peridot can't let that go uninvestigated.]
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[She just stares at him in bewilderment for a long moment. Imagining anyone wrestling with a robonoid is... Hm.]

...Wwwow. I didn't even think they were capable of such coordinated attack measures.

[She's not sure if she should be impressed or what.]

Anyway! This is all utterly irrelevant to the real reason why I'm here right now! I asked you whether you were lying because Blue Diamond told me something kind of... Disturbing.
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She sighs and wraps her arms around her chest, glancing away.

...It was when I was trying to prove that you're a hybrid. I wanted to tell her about your immunity to the destabilizer weapon-- which is a weapon that no true gem should be capable of resisting. But as soon as I started to explain, she cut me off and told me that any testimony I wanted to give wouldn't matter because...

[She pauses to growl with frustration. It just really doesn't make sense, no matter what way she she tries to slice it, but...]

Because you had already willingly returned to Homeworld with one of her Aquamarines. And that you were on trial there, and that you confessed in front of the Diamond Authority to being Rose Quartz, and to shattering Pink Diamond.
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[Peridot sits up a little straighter. She's looking agitated again, not at Steven, but just in general.]

Yes! That was my precise theory as well. It's the only feasible explanation, I mean, you would have told me if something like that happened. But that still leaves us with the big, big problem of why? Why in the cosmos would you ever do something like that?

[The look she ends that thought on is one aimed directly at him, pleading for some kind of explanation.]
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...That... I don't really want to think about the implications for Earth, if that theory turns out to be correct.

[She kind of sinks onto the table, one hand in her hair.]

It's bad enough that Blue Diamond is here at all, but I really don't like the fact that she's apparently so far ahead of us in the time-stream. It puts us at a significant disadvantage for combating her.
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Like I told Lapis, I think our best bet is to use her own weapon against her. Figuratively speaking, of course.
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What-- NO! Figuratively, I said FIGURATIVELY! You know-- [She flaps one hand.] Like a metaphor!

[AKA those things that she's kind of terrible at detecting in most other circumstances.]
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The Ringmaster, obviously. She's using her deal with the Ringmaster to put us at a disadvantage and get something that she wants, so it follows that one or more of us could sign a new contract to do the same thing.
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[Peridot frowns at him.]

I'm not saying we undo that. [Muttering:] Mostly because I don't think the Ringmaster would allow us to counteract another person's contract by having her do the exact opposite. We wish for something to prove your innocence, or make it so that the Diamonds all collectively forget about Earth. Something like that!
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Well it's not like you would have to be the one to make that contract, necessarily. Anyone else from our world could take on the burden just as easily. Like Pearl! You should ask Pearl. She's all about putting herself on the line to save the Earth and stuff like that, right?

[Hope you weren't expecting Peridot to suggest that she might do something altruistic herself, LOL.]
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